“Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition”

Kriya Yoga
Spiritual Encyclopedia:
Spiritual definition and meaning of Kriya Yoga
Two old traditional words combined:
Kriya in Sanskrit means action, deed, effort and includes personal work and spiritual efforts. True
spiritual efforts always are efforts of selfless love.
Yoga to join, to unite, thus to reunite mankind with God.
Kriya Yoga as a combined word thus means to act with love and work in a loving way until all our
karma is dissolved and we are reunited with God. The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to free souls
entangled on earth by the power of divine love and to reunite souls with God. We human beings are
spiritual souls trapped in our karma related body on our planet earth.
What kind of work or effort does Kriya mean and why? Here on earth mankind is far from our origin,
our home in God. Mankind “fell” down step by step to this planet of dense material world as a result
of our self-created karma. Karma resulting in:
l Attachment to belongings and property
l Hatred
l War
l Revenge and retaliation
l Punishment
l Greed
l Stinginess
l Betrayal
l Abuse of others
l Abuse of own powers or positions for personal gain and profit or to manipulate others
l Exploitation of others
l … and other variations of selfish ego-manifestation.
Our past actions have caused karma resulting in pain to others includes pain to all creation, nature,
environment and God.
If you have the power to create troubles and pain to others, you also have the potential power to
reverse past actions by starting actions of love, work with love until all past negative karma is
dissolved in love. Miners buried under tons of rock and gravel have the choice to die, to hope for
rescue and wait, to work toward freedom or to hope for rescue but at the same time work toward

If we contribute our own and fullest possible efforts toward freedom in God, then we learn the
potential results and danger of creating karma and learn to avoid future karma. Hence without our
own conscious efforts toward union with God there can be no union with God. Union with God
requires readiness to love and to solve all past and future situations by sole means and power of love
Kriya = Positive action and intense loving efforts to free ourselves
Hence if we got ourselves into troubles by means of our own efforts, we also have the power to free
ourselves. Positive action = Kriya, is needed to get ourselves out of self-created troubles and messy
life on earth. What kind of action got us here? Negative actions, selfish actions, painful actions,
abusing others, cheating others, betraying others, etc.
What kind of actions can dissolve all past negative actions? Positive actions, clean up actions, inner
and outer purification. Hate, selfishness and the like only can be healed by love and never by other
violent or negative actions. Thus actions of love only have the power to free us and to reunite us
with God. The actions of love = Kriya, needed to clean up our self created mess on earth include:
1. Sharing all with all
2. Helping all
3. Being useful to all others
4. Healing others
5. Giving freedom to others
6. Protecting freedom of others
7. Creating happiness and satisfaction in others
8. To care for others and to care about the holistic wellbeing and happiness of others
9. Healing “broken hearts”
10. Forgiving all others – to fully pardon all in all situations
11. Asking for forgiveness and pardon from others for our own past
12. Protecting God’s creation, environment and all nature
13. Acting as one family on earth – a family without color, without race, without borders of any
14. Being honest and sincere in all situations to all
15. Treating all like family members of our own family
16. Striving for the happiness and wellbeing of all others above all other goals

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