Chapter V

Discourse on the Three-Bodies of Buddha

SOME TIME after the foregoing Discourse on Repentance had been delivered to “commoners” when the Patriarch had gathered his disciples together for instruction, a senior disciple, Fat-hoi, said to the Patriarch, “Sir, will you please leave to posterity certain instruction whereby people under delusion may realise their Buddha-nature?”

“Listen to me,” replied the Patriarch. It is possible for those who are under delusion to realise their Buddha-nature, provided they acquaint themselves with the nature of ordinary sentient beings. Without such knowledge, to seek Buddhahood would be in vain, even if one spent aeons of time in doing so.

First, let me show you how to get acquainted with the nature of the sentient beings within your mind, whereby one can realise the Buddha-nature latent in everyone. Knowing Buddha means nothing else than knowing sentient beings. It is sentient beings who are blind to the fact that they are potentially Buddhas, whereas a Buddha sees no difference between himself and other beings. When sentient beings realise their Essence of Mind, they are Buddhas. If a Buddha is under delusion as to his Essence of Mind, he is then only an ordinary being. Seeing everything as equal in Essence of Mind makes ordinary beings Buddhas. Seeing inequalities in Essence of Mind transforms a Buddha into an ordinary being. When one’s mind is crooked or depraved, then he is only an ordinary being

p. 268

with Buddha-nature latent within him. On the other hand, if one concentrates his mind on equality and straightforwardness, even for one moment only, then he is a Buddha.

Within our mind there is Buddha, and that Buddha within is the real Buddha. If Buddha is not to be found within our mind, then where shall we seek for the real Buddha? Doubt not that Buddha is within your own mind, apart from which nothing can exist. Since all things and phenomena are the product of mind, the Sutra says: “When mental activity rises, various things exist; when mental activity ceases, various things exist not.”

Our physical body may be likened to an inn where we can remain only temporarily, we cannot make it a refuge. The Trikaya of Buddha is to be found within our Mind-essence which is the common possession of everybody. It is because the mind of an ordinary man labors under delusion that he does not know his own inner nature, the result is that he ignores the Trikaya that is within himself and seeks for it without. Please listen; I am going to show you that you can realise the Trikaya within yourself, which being a manifestation of Mind-essence cannot be found anywhere else.

Within our physical body we take refuge in the Pure Dharmakaya (Essence-body) of Buddha;
Within our physical body we take refuge in the Perfect Sambhoga-kaya (the Empirical, or Bliss-body) of Buddha;
Within our physical body we take refuge in the Myriad Nirmanakaya (Bodies of transformation, or of incarnations of Buddha

p. 269

What is the Pure Dharmakaya? Our Mind-essence is intrinsically pure, that is, all things are manifestations of mind. Good deeds and evil deeds are but the manifestation of good thoughts and evil thoughts respectively. Thus within Essence of Mind all things, like the azure of the sky and the radiance of the sun and moon which, when obscured by passing clouds, may appear as if their brightness had been dimmed, but as soon as the clouds are blown away, their brightness reappears and all objects are again fully illuminated. Foolish thoughts may be likened to the clouds, while sagacity and Wisdom are the moon and the Sun. When we become attached to discriminated objects, our Mind-essence becomes clouded by drifting thoughts which prevent sagacity and Wisdom from sending forth their light. We were fortunate that we found learned and pious teachers to make known the orthodox Dharma to us so that we may, by our own effort do away with ignorance and delusion, and by so doing we will become enlightened both within and without, and our true nature within our Essence of Mind will manifest itself. This is precisely what happens with those who come face to face with their Essence of Mind. This is what is called the Pure Dharmakaya of Buddha.

To take refuge in the true Buddha is to take refuge in our own Essence of Mind, He who takes refuge within himself must first get rid of the evil-mind and the jealous-mind, the flattering and crooked-mind, deceit, and falsehood, and fallacious views, egotism, snobbishness, contemptuousness, arrogance, and all other evils that may arise at any time, To take refuge

p. 270

within ourselves is to be always on the alert to prevent our own mistakes and to refrain from criticism of other’s faults. He who is humble and patient on all occasions and is courteous to every one, has truly realised his Mind-essence, so truly in fact that his Path is free from further obstacles. This is the way to take refuge in (the Buddha of) oneself.

What is the Perfect Sambhogakaya? Let us take the illustration of a lamp. Since the light of a lamp can dissipate darkness that has been there for a thousand years, so a ray of Wisdom can do away with ignorance that has lasted for ages. We need not bother about the past, for the past is gone and is irrecoverable. What demands our attention is the present and future, so let our thoughts, from one momentary sensation to another, be clear and pure and let us see face to face our Mind-essence. Goodness and evil are opposite to each other, but in essence they cannot be dualistic. This non-dualistic nature is called “true nature,” it can neither be contaminated by evil, nor affected by goodness. This is what is called the Sambhogakaya of Buddha. One single evil thought clouding our Essence of Mind will undo the good merit accumulated in aeons of time; while a good thought can expiate all our sins though they be as many as the sands of the river Ganges. To realise our Essence of Mind from one momentary sensation to another and without intermission until we attain Supreme Enlightenment (Bodhi) so that we are in a perpetual state of Right Mindfulness, is the Sambhogakaya.

Now, what is the Myriad Nirmanakaya? When we subject ourselves to the least differentiation or particularisation,

p. 271

transformation takes place: otherwise all things would be as void as space, as they inherently are. By letting our minds dwell on evil things, hell arises. By letting our minds dwell upon good acts, paradise is manifested. Dragons and snakes are the transformations of venomous hatred; while Bodhisattvas are compassionate thoughts made manifest. The various heavens are the projection of Prajna; while underworlds are the transformations of ignorance and infatuation. Un-numbered, indeed, are the transformations of Mind-essence. People under delusion are as if asleep; they do not understand; their minds naturally turn toward evil and, as a rule, they practice evil. But should they turn their minds from evil to righteousness, even for one moment, Prajna shines forth. This is what is called the Nirmanakaya of the Buddha of Mind-essence.

The Dharmakaya is intrinsically self-sufficient. To see our own Essence of Mind clearly and without interruption, is the Sambhogakaya of Buddha. To let our mind dwell on the Sambogahakaya, so that Prajna radiates forth in manifestation is Nirmanakaya. To attain enlightenment by one’s own effort and to practise by one’s self the goodness that is inherent in our Essence of Mind, is a genuine case of “taking refuge.” Our physical body consisting of flesh and skin, etc., is nothing more than a tenement or an inn; it is no place of refuge. Let us realise the Trikaya of our own Mind-essence, then we shall know the Buddha of our own nature.

In closing let me leave with you a stanza, entitled: “The Real Buddha of Mind-essence.” Accordingly as

p. 272

they heed it people of future generations who can understand its meaning will realise their Mind-essence and attain Buddhahood. This is the stanza:–

Those who understand the Mahayana teaching
And are thus able to realise Mind-essence
Should reverently and fervently seek for a realisation of Dharmakaya.
The Dharmakaya, the Sambhogakaya, the Nirmanakaya–
These three Bodies
emanate from Oneness.
He who is able to realise this fact intuitively
Has sown the seed and will reap the fruit of Enlightenment.
It is from Nirmanakaya that our “pure nature” emerges;
Within the former the latter is always to be found.
Guided by its “pure nature” Nirmanakaya follows the right path,
And will some day culminate In a Body of Bliss, perfect and infinite.
Pure Nature is hidden by our sensual instincts;
By getting rid of sensuality, we realise Pure Dharmakaya.
When our temperament is such that we are no longer the slave of the five sense-objects,
And when we have realised Mind-essence, even for one moment, then Tathata is known to us.
Those who are so fortunate as to be followers of the Sudden School
Shall suddenly, in this life, see the Blessed One in their own Mind-essence
. p. 273
He who has not realised Essence of Mind and seeks for Buddha without,
Is on a wrong path and is acting foolishly.
He who seeks Buddha by practising certain doctrines
Knows not the place where the real Buddha is to be found.
He who is seeking to realise Buddha within his own mind,
He only is sowing the seed of Buddhahood

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Era of Peace

Welcome to Era of Peace

Estamos muito satisfeitos e honrados em compartilhar este momento com você. Você pode, ou não pode saber disto ainda, mas você é um dom maravilhoso para esta Terra. Toda a vida desenvolvida aqui é bem-aventurada por sua presença. A intenção divina deste site é para ajudá-lo a lembrar-se desta profunda Verdade.

Independentemente de quão longe você pensa que esta de refletir o fato de que você é um Filho Amado e Divino de Deus, esta informação dos Seres de Luz nos Reinos da Verdade Iluminada vai despertar dentro de você esse Conhecimento Interior.

Você esteve preparando por uma eternidade do tempo para cumprir a sua faceta única do Plano Divino, que está se desdobrando agora na Terra.

Sua Presença “EU SOU” trouxe a informação neste site em sua esfera de consciência, porque o tempo para que você possa cumprir sua finalidade e razão de ser é AGORA.

Thank You

Obrigado por se oferecer ter nascido durante este Momento Cósmico na Terra e obrigado pela sua disponibilidade para se tornar o Instrumento de Deus, você é destinado a ser.

God Bless You,

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles.

Preparando-se para o Influxo de Luz Divina

September 2005
Preparing for the Influx of Divine Light
by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Nós todos temos nos preparados para este Momento Cósmico desde a queda da Humanidade a eras atrás. Agora estamos em fase final de aumento de energia, vibração e consciência de nossos corpos físicos, etérico, mental e emocional, para que possamos ser capazes de suportar o fluxo máximo de Amor Divino Transfigurado de Deus. Este influxo da Luz Divina incorporará o ímpeto desde o dia 13 de Agosto até o dia 18 de Agosto.

Se o seu Ser Divino tiver magnetizado esta informação na sua esfera de consciência, saiba que você é uma parte vitalmente importante desta atividade da Luz. O Plano Divino que você se apresentou para cumprir durante esta Semana Santa necessita apenas uma coisa de você:


Enquanto você progride através dos dias santos que levaram a este acontecimento milagroso, lembre-se que, acima de todas as coisas, sua responsabilidade é liberar a energia mais amorosa, jovial, divertida, edificante, harmoniosa que você possa expressar.

Não importa que desafios ou testes possam lhe ser apresentados, saiba que nada vale a pena afastá-lo da harmonia do seu Ser verdadeiro. Seja a Presença da Paz Dominante que você esteve preparado para ser. Seja a força mais poderosa de Transfigurar o Amor Divino, você é capaz de estar aqui e agora. Este é o seu momento! A humanidade, a Mãe Terra e a Companhia do Céu estão contando com você.


Durante os próximos sete dias, nós fomos abençoados com a oportunidade de elevar a vibração dos nossos corpos Terrestre, para que eles sejam capazes de suportar mais Luz do que jamais experimentamos antes.

Por uma Sanção Cósmica de nosso Onisciente, Onipotente, Onipresente Deus Pai-Mãe, toda a Companhia do Céu está de prontidão permanente para assistir a Humanidade com esta Diligência Sagrada.  Os Seres de Luz nos Reinos da Verdade Iluminada nos deram dois exercícios de respiração muito simples, mas extremamente poderoso. Se fizermo-los todas as manhãs e noites para os próximos sete dias, a nossa preparação física será acelerado por um salto quântico.

Estes exercícios de respiração podem ser continuados por quanto tempo você quiser após os sete dias. Cada vez que eles são feitos, seus corpos terrestres serão levantados até mais na energia, vibração e consciência.

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

Quando conscientemente inspiramos o Sopro Sagrado de Deus, a nossa Presença EU SOU desperta dentro de nós a lembrança de como o Sopro Sagrado assistirá na transformação das nossas vidas. O Sopro Sagrado de Deus é o nosso Dom da Vida. É o veículo que nos une com o nosso Onisciente, Onipresente, Onipotente Deus Pai-Mãe, Tudo O Que É. O Sopro Sagrado cria o espaço sagrado que nos permite ser Um com os aspectos multidimensionais da nossa própria Divindade e Um com toda a Criação.

Quando deliberadamente utilizamos o Sopro Sagrado de Deus, a cada inspiração que ecoar no Coração e Mente de Deus, e com cada expiração, projetamos para o plano físico da Terra os padrões de perfeição contidos no Coração e na Mente de Deus.  Pelo Sopro Sagrado de Deus somos capazes de conversar com os aspectos multidimensionais da nossa própria Divindade, e nossos corpos físicos, etéricos, mentais e emocionais são energizados e sustentados no mundo da forma.

Enquanto nos lembramos desta profunda Verdade, começamos a experimentar o Sopro Sagrado da forma que Deus originalmente pretendia. Este dom da Vida é projetado para restaurar, rejuvenescer, revitalizar e transformar nossos corpos Terrestres em corpos de Luz e de Templos Poderosos do Deus Vivo.  Direcionando o Santo Sopro de Deus através de nossa Espinha Solar da 5ª Dimensão e seus doze correspondentes Chacras Solares e meridianos, vamos elevar a vibração de nossos corpos para alturas até então desconhecidas. Os seguintes exercícios de respiração irá avivar todas as células em nosso corpo e limpar as frequências de vibração que são menos do que a perfeição física ilimitada da 5 ª Dimensão. Dentro desta mais alta frequência de Luz, a nossa Presença EU SOU será capaz de se integrar efetivamente nos nossos corpos Terrestres. Então seremos livres e sem obstáculos em nossos pensamentos. Vamos compreender a Unicidade de toda a Vida, e vamos perceber que as soluções viáveis para cada situação se manifestando em nossas vidas ou no planeta estão esperando a descoberta no Corpo Causal de Deus.

Tudo o que temos de fazer é utilizar o Sopro Sagrado de Deus e elevar a consciência.


(declarado na 1.ª pessoa)

Eu começo exalando todo o ar dos meus pulmões. Agora, estando de pé, os meus pés juntos e os meus braços relaxados e descansando ao meu lado, Eu afirmo com uma sensação profunda:

“EU ESTOU inspirando o Sopro Sagrado de Deus.”

Enquanto eu inspiro, giro as palmas das mãos voltando-as para cima e lentamente levanto os braços ao lado do corpo e estendê-los acima da minha cabeça. Mantenho a minha respiração dentro do meu corpo e visualizo um eixo brilhante de Luz pulsando com todos os 12 Aspectos Solares da Divindade emanando do próprio Coração de Deus.

Este eixo de Luz desce em meu Chacra da Coroa e brilha na Espinha Solar em meus 12 Chacras Solares. Enquanto eu continuo a segurar o Sopro Sagrado de Deus dentro do meu corpo, esta Luz cintilante expande através dos meus meridianos em cada célula do meu corpo.

Agora Eu expiro lentamente e afirmo com profundo sentimento:

“EU ESTOU expirando, o Sopro Sagrado de Deus”.

Enquanto Eu expiro, viro as palmas das mãos voltando-as para baixo e lentamente desço os braços de volta ao lado do meu corpo. Prendo a respiração e visualizo o poderoso raio de Luz descendo pela minha Espinha Solar para o centro da Terra. A Luz do próprio Coração de Deus se funde com o Ímpeto Divino no núcleo da Mãe Terra e se expande através do Sistema de Grade Cristalino para envolver todo o planeta e toda a Vida que evolui aqui.

Eu respiro normalmente durante um momento; então repito a Respiração Sagrada mais três vezes. Este exercício de Respiração Sagrado é feito uma vez para o meu corpo físico e para a camada física da Terra, uma vez para o meu corpo etérico e para a camada etérica da Terra, uma vez para o meu corpo mental e para a camada mental de Terra e uma vez para o meu corpo emocional e para a camada emocional de Terra. Depois de quatro Respirações Sagradas, decreto:

“EU SOU o Sopro Sagrado de Deus restaurando, revitalizando, rejuvenescendo e transformando o meu corpo Terrestre em Corpo de Luz Solar da 5ª dimensão da perfeição física ilimitada. Cada célula, cada partícula atômica e subatômica e cada onda em meu corpo físico, etérico, mental e emocional está agora pulsando com os 12 Aspectos Solares da Divindade, que continuamente aumentam e transfiguram este Templo do Deus Vivo”.



“ASSOCIATION (intercourse) is always conducive to union and harmony; and union and harmony are the cause of the order of the world and the life of nations.

Forbearance and Benevolence . . . are as two lights for the darkness of the world; and as two teachers to lead nations to knowledge.

Good character is, verily, the best mantle for men on the part of God.

Gaze towards Justice and Equity under all circumstances.

Trustworthiness . . . is the door of tranquillity to all the world; the best garment for your temples and the most splendid crown for your heads.

Make not light of any matter, but speak in Truthfulness and Sincerity.

[p. 86]

Refuse not to discharge the due reward of any one; respect possessors of talent; stain not tongues with slander.

Knowledge is one of the greatest benefits of God. To acquire knowledge is incumbent on all.

Tablet of Tarazet.

The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at sacred-texts.com

O people of God! Be not occupied with yourselves. Be intent on the betterment of the world and the training of nations.

Glory is not his who loves his native land; but glory is his who loves his kind.

Courtesy is the lord of all the virtues.

The deniers and contradictors hold to four words:

First: Destroying men’s lives.

Second: Burning the Books.

Third: Shunning other nations.

Fourth: Exterminating other communities.

Now, by the Grace and Authority of the Word of God, these four great barriers have been demolished . . . and God hath changed brutal manners into spiritual qualities.

Certain laws and principles are necessary and indispensable for Persia; but it is suitable that these should be accomplished in accord with the wish of the Shah, the eminent doctors, and the great State authorities.

[p. 87]

The fear of God is the real guardian and the ideal protector. Flee from that which is redolent of corruption (or sedition).

Tablet of the World.

The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at sacred-texts.com

Those souls (mystic Sufis) have affirmed, concerning the stages of Divine Unity, that which is the greatest cause of idleness and superstition. They have, indeed, removed the distinction and have imagined themselves to be God. The True One is sanctified above all; (but) His Signs are manifest in all things. The Signs are from Him–not He Himself.

Consider the rays of the sun; its lights have encompassed the world, but these splendours are from it, and from its manifestations; they are through itself, but are not itself.

Schools must first train the children in the principles of Religion, so that the Promise and the Threat recorded in the Books of God may prevent them from the things forbidden and adorn them with the mantle of the Commandments; but this in such a measure that it may not injure the children by resulting in ignorant fanaticism and bigotry.

The trustees (members) of the House of Justice must consult upon the ordinances as they are outwardly revealed in the Book, and then enforce of these whatever prove agreeable to them.

[p. 88]

Moderation is desirable in every affair.

Consider the civilisation of the people of the Occident–how it has occasioned commotion and agitation. . . . There has appeared an infernal instrument, and atrocity is displayed in the destruction of life. It is impossible to reform these violent evils, except the peoples of the world become united in affairs, or in one Religion.

Praise be to God. A wonderful thing is perceived; the lightning (electricity) and similar forces are subdued by a conductor and act by his command. Exalted is the Mighty One who hath made manifest that which He desired, through His absolute Invincible Command.

Each one of the revealed Commands is a strong fortress for the (protection of the) world.

A solitary life and severe discipline do not meet God’s approval. The possessors of perception and knowledge should look to the means which are conducive to joy and fragrance.

Deprive not yourselves of that which is created for you.

Charity is beloved and acceptable before God, and is accounted the chief among all good deeds.

The Reflective Faculty (or the Mind) is the depository of crafts, arts and sciences. Exert

[p. 89]

yourselves, so that the gems of knowledge and wisdom may proceed from this ideal mine, and conduce to the tranquillity and union of the different nations of the world.

Under all circumstances, whether in adversity or comfort, in glory or affliction . . . show forth love and affection, compassion and union.

Words of Paradise.

The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at sacred-texts.com

All the former and later Books of God are adorned with His commemoration and speak His praise. Through Him the standard of knowledge is planted in the world, and the Banner of Unity is hoisted among nations.

Knowledge is like unto wings for the being (of man) and is as a ladder for ascending. . . . The possessors of sciences and arts have a great right among the people of the world. Whereunto testifies the Mother of Divine Utterance in the Day of Return. Joy unto those that hear.

Knowledge is the means of honour, prosperity, joy, gladness, happiness and exultation.

He (The Bab) says in description of ‘He-whom-God-shall-manifest’;–‘Verily, He is the One who shall utter in all grades, “Verily, I am God. There is no God but Me, the Lord of all things, and all besides Me is created by Me! O ye My

[p. 90]

creatures! Ye are to worship Me!”‘ Likewise, in another place, speaking of ‘He-whom-God-shall-manifest,’ he says, ‘Verily, I (The Bab) am the first one of those who worship Him.’

Now, man must reflect upon the ‘Worshipper’ (The Bab); and the ‘Worshipped One’ (Baha’u’llah); perchance the people of the earth may attain to a drop of the Sea of Knowledge, and comprehend the Station of this Manifestation. Verily, He hath appeared, and hath spoken in Truth. Blessed is he who confesses and acknowledges, and woe unto every remote denier.”

The Tablet of Tajalleyat.

The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at sacred-texts.com

Revealed by Baha’u’llah, at Akka.
Translated by Ali Kuli Khan.

“As to the meaning of the Cause of Baha’u’llah: know that whatever there is which has to do with the Universal Good, is divine–and whatever is divine is, certainly, for the universal good. If it is true, it is for all; if not, it is for no one. Therefore a Divine Cause of Universal Good cannot be limited either to the East or to the West; for the radiance of the Sun of Truth illumines both the East and the West, and it makes its heat felt in the South as in the North; there is no difference between one pole and the other.”

From The Tablet of Ishraket Baha’u’llah.

The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at sacred-texts.com

[p. 91]



HE is the Glory of the Most Glorious!

This is that which descended from the Source of Majesty, through the tongue of Power and Strength, upon the prophets of the past.

We have taken its essence and clothed it with the garment of brevity, as a favour to the beloved; that they may fulfil the Covenant of God; that they may perform in themselves that which He has entrusted to them, and attain the victory by virtue of devotion in the land of the Spirit.

The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at sacred-texts.com


O Son of Existence! My lamp thou art, and My Light is in thee. Therefore be illumined by it, and seek no one but Me; for I have created thee rich, and upon thee have I showered abundant grace.

By the Hands of Power I have made thee, and

[p. 92]

by the Fingers of Strength have I created thee. I have placed in thee the essence of My Light.

Therefore depend upon It, and upon nothing else, for My Action is perfect and My Command has effect. Doubt this not, and have no uncertainty therein.

O Son of Light! Forget all else save Me, and be comforted by My Spirit. This is from the essence of My Command; therefore direct thyself to it.

Thou art My Possession, and My Possession shall never be destroyed. Why art thou in fear of thy destruction?

Thou art My Light, and My Light shall never become extinct. Why dost thou dread extinction?

Thou art My Glory, and My Glory shall not be veiled. Thou art My Garment, and My Garment shall never be outworn. Therefore abide in thy love to Me, that thou mayest find Me in the Highest Horizon.

My Right to thee is great and cannot be denied. My Mercy for thee is ample and cannot be ignored. My Love in thee exists and cannot be concealed. My Light to thee is manifest and cannot be obscured.

O Son of Spirit! The Gospel of Light I herald to thee; rejoice in it. And to the state of Holiness I call thee; Abide in it, that thou mayest be in peace for ever and ever.

O Son of Man! Magnify My Command, that

[p. 93]

[paragraph continues] I may reveal to thee the secrets of greatness and illumine thee with the Light of Eternity.

O Son of Man! My Calamity is My Providence. In appearance it is fire and vengeance; in reality it is Light and Mercy. Therefore approach it, that thou mayest become an Eternal Light and an Immortal Spirit. This is My Command; know thou It.

O Son of Man! Days have passed by thee, and thou hast occupied thyself with thy fanciful imaginations. How long wilt thou thus sleep upon thy bed? Lift up thy head from slumber, for the sun has climbed to the zenith that He may illumine thee with the Lights of Beauty.

The Light has shone upon thee from the horizon of the Mount, and the Spirit of Purity has breathed in the Sinai of thy heart.

Therefore empty thyself of doubts and fancies; then enter into this Mansion, that thou mayest be prepared for the Eternal Life and ready to meet Me. Herein there is no death, no trouble nor burden.

O Children of Men! Do ye know why We have created ye from one clay? That no one should glorify himself over the other. Be ye ever mindful of how ye were created.

Since We created ye all from the same substance, ye must be as one soul, walking with the same feet, eating with one mouth, and living in one land, that ye may manifest with your being,

[p. 94]

and by your deeds and actions, the signs of unity and the spirit of Oneness.

This is My Counsel to ye, O People of Light! Therefore follow it, that ye may attain the fruits of Holiness from the Tree of Might and Power.

O Son of Man! On the tablet of the Spirit write all We have uttered to thee, with the ink of Light; and, if thou canst not do this, then make the ink of the essence of thy heart; and, if thou art still unable, then write with the red ink shed in My Path. Verily this is more precious to Me than all else; for this Radiance shall last for ever.

O Stranger to The Friend! The candle of thy mind is lighted by the hand of My Power; extinguish it not with the contrary winds of desires and passions. The healer of all thy troubles is remembrance of Me; forget it not. Make My Love thy Capital, and cherish it as the spirit of thine eye.

O My Friends! Extinguish the lamp of ignorance, and kindle the Ever-burning Torch of guidance in the heart and mind. For in a short while the Assayers of Being shall accept naught but pure virtue in the portico of the Presence of the Adored One, and will receive none but holy deeds.

O Children of Imagination! Know ye that when the Radiant Morn dawns from the eternal horizon of Holiness, then all the Satanic secrets and deeds, which have been committed in the

[p. 95]

dark night, shall become manifest to the people of the world.

The Sun of Truth is the Word of God, upon which depends the training of the people of the country of thought.

It is the Spirit of Reality and the Water of Life. All things owe their existence to it. Its manifestation is ever according to the capacity and colouring of the mirror which reflects it. For example: Its Light, when cast on the mirrors of the wise, gives expression to wisdom; when reflected from the minds of artists, it produces manifestations of new and beautiful arts; when it shines through the minds of students, it reveals knowledge and unfolds mysteries.

All things of the world arise through man and are manifest in him, through whom they find life and development; and man is dependent for his (Spiritual) existence upon the Sun of the Word of God.

All the good names and lofty qualities are of the Word. The Word is the Fire of God, which, glowing in the hearts of people, burns away all things that are not of God. The minds of the Lovers of Light are ever aflame with this fire. It is the essence of water, which has manifested itself in the form of fire.

Outwardly it is the burning fire, while inwardly it is calm light. This is the water which giveth life to all things.

[p. 96]

We beg of God that we may partake of this Life-giving Water of Heaven, and quaff from the Spiritual Chalice of Rest, and thus be free from all that tends to withhold us from approaching His love.

In this day he who seeks the Light of the Sun of Truth must free his mind from the tales of the past, must adorn his head with the crown of severance, and his temple with the drapery of virtue. Then shall he arrive at the ocean of Oneness and enter the presence of singleness.

The heart must become free from the fire of superstitions, that it may receive the Light of Assurance, and that it may perceive the Glory of God.

The people of Baha must serve the Lord with wisdom, teach others by their lives, and manifest the Light of God in their deeds. The effect of deeds is in truth more powerful than that of words.




I rejoice exceedingly in all creatures’ good works that end the sorrows of their evil lot; may the sorrowful find happiness! I rejoice in the deliverance of embodied beings from the griefs of life’s wanderings, and in the Sonship of Enlightenment, and the Enlightenment, that belongs to the Saviours. I rejoice in the Commanders’ (12) oceans of Thought, that bring happiness and establish welfare for all creatures. With clasped hands .I entreat the perfectly Enlightened Ones who stand in all regions that they kindle the lamp of the Law for them who in their blindness fall into sorrow. With clasped hands I pray the Conquerors who yearn for the Stillness (13) that they abide here for endless æons, lest this world become blind. In reward for all this righteousness that I have won by my works I would fain become a soother of all the sorrows of all creatures. May I be a balm to the sick, their healer and servitor, until sickness come

p. 45

never again; may I quench with rains of food and drink the anguish of hunger and thirst; may I be in the famine of the ages’ end their drink and meat; may I become an unfailing store for the poor, and serve them with manifold things for their need. My own being and my pleasures, all my righteousness in the past, present, and future I surrender indifferently, that all creatures may win to their end. The Stillness lies in surrender of all things, and my spirit is fain for the. Stillness; if I must surrender all, it is best to give it for fellow-creatures. I yield myself to all living things to deal with me as they list; they may smite or revile me for ever, bestrew me with dust, play with my body, laugh and wanton; I have given them my body, why shall I care? Let them make me do whatever works bring them pleasure; but may never mishap befall any of them by reason of me. If the spirit of any be wroth or pleased with mc, may that be ever a cause for them to win all their desires. May all who slander me, or do me hurt, or jeer at me, gain a share in Enlightenment. I would be a protector of the unprotected, a guide of wayfarers, a ship, a dyke, and a bridge for them who seek the further Shore; a lamp for them who need a lamp, a bed for them who need a bed, a stave for all beings who need a slave. I would be a magic gem, a lucky jar, a spell of power, a sovereign balm, a wishing-tree, a cow of plenty (14), for

p. 46

embodied beings. As the earth and other elements are for the various service of the countless creatures dwelling in the whole of space, so may I in various wise support the whole sphere of life lodged in space, until all be at peace. As the Blessed of old took the Thought of Enlightenment and held fast to the rule for Sons of Enlightenment in the order thereof, so do I frame the Thought of Enlightenment for the weal of the world, and so will I observe these rules in their sequence.

When he has thus taken the Thought of Enlightenment in a spirit of grace, the sage must fill his thought with gladness in order to strengthen the issue. This day my birth is fruitful, my human life a blessing; this day have I been born in the race of the Enlightened, now am I their son. And henceforth mine is the task of them who work worthily of their race, lest any blemish fall upon this stainless stock. This Thought of Enlightenment has arisen within me I know not how, even as a gem might be gotten by a blind man from a dunghill; it is an elixir made to destroy death in the world, an unfailing treasure to relieve the world’s poverty, a supreme balm to allay the world’s sickness, a tree under which may rest all creatures wearied with wandering over life’s paths, a bridge open to all wayfarers for passing over hard ways, a moon of thought arising to cool the fever of the world’s sin, a great

p. 47

sun driving away the gloom of the world’s ignorance, a fresh butter created by the churning of the milk of the Good Law. For the caravan of beings who wander through life’s paths hungering to taste of happiness this banquet of bliss is prepared, that will satisfy all creatures coming to it. I summon to-day the world to the estate of Enlightenment, and meanwhile to happiness; may gods, dæmons, and other beings rejoice in the presence of all the Saviours!

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The Buddha’s Way of Virtue, by W.D.C Wagiswara and K.J. Saunders, [1920], at sacred-texts.com


FOR the proper understanding of Buddhism these opening stanzas are all-important. One of the Buddha’s key-thoughts was what modern psychologists call the “law of apperception”: the value of things depends upon our attitude to them.

Part of Gautama’s work of reform was a “transvaluation of values,” a shifting of emphasis; and, like the Stoics, he taught the indifference of the things of sense. “Men are disturbed,” said Epictetus, “not by things, but by the view they take of things.”

1. Mind it is which gives to things their quality, their foundation, and their being: whoso speaks or acts with impure mind, him sorrow dogs, as the wheel follows the steps of the draught-ox.

2. Mind it is which gives to things their quality,

[p. 22]

their foundation, and their being: whoso speaks or acts with purified mind, him happiness accompanies as his faithful shadow.

3. “He has abused me, beaten me, worsted me, robbed me”; those who dwell upon such thoughts never lose their hate.

4. “He has abused me, beaten me, worsted me, robbed me “; those who dwell: not upon such thoughts are freed of hate.

5. Never does hatred cease by hating; by not hating does it cease: this is the ancient law.

6. If some there are who know not by such hatred we are perishing, and some there are who know it, then by their knowledge strife is ended.

7. As the wind throws down a shaky tree, so Mara (Death) o’erwhelms him who is a seeker after vanity, uncontrolled, intemperate, slothful, and effeminate.

8. But whoso keeps his eyes from vanity, controlled and temperate, faithful and strenuous, Mara cannot overthrow, as the wind beating against a rocky crag.

9. Though an impure man don the pure yellow robe (of the Bhikkhu), himself unindued with temperance and truth, he is not worthy of the pure yellow robe.

10. He who has doffed his impurities, calm and clothed upon with temperance and truth, he wears the pure robe worthily.

11. Those who mistake the shadow for the

[p. 23]

substance, and the substance for the shadow, never attain the reality, following wandering fires (lit. followers of a false pursuit).

12. But if a man knows the substance and the shadow as they are, he attains the reality, following the true trail.

13. As the rain pours into the ill-thatched house, so lust pours into the undisciplined mind.

14. As rain cannot enter the well-thatched house, so lust finds no entry into the disciplined mind.

15. Here and hereafter the sinner mourns: yea mourns and is in torment, knowing the vileness of his deeds.

16. Here and hereafter the good man is glad: yea is glad and rejoices, knowing that his deeds are pure.

17. Here and hereafter the sinner is in torment: tormented by the thought “I have sinned”; yea rather tormented when he goes to hell.

18. Here and hereafter the good man rejoices; rejoices as he thinks “I have done well”: yea rather rejoices when he goes to a heaven.

19. If a man is a great preacher of the sacred text, but slothful and no doer of it, he is a hireling shepherd, who has no part in the flock.

20. If a man preaches but a little of the text and practises the teaching, putting away lust and hatred and infatuation; if he is truly wise and detached and seeks nothing here or hereafter, his lot is with the holy ones.
The Buddha’s Way of Virtue, by W.D.C Wagiswara and K.J. Saunders, [1920], at sacred-texts.com

[p. 24]